ArchBishop Veron Ashe Mystic or Missing in Action?

By: Jesse Herriott

Mar Enoch Veron Ashe was consecrated to the Bishopric by several Bishops from the Mar Thoma Orthodox  church January 25th 1997 by Bishop David C. Strong, Bishop Michael Melchezidek, and a few other prominent names in the Mar Thoma Orthodox faith. Also, he was affirmed by the Most Rev. “Abba” Pappa Joe Vredenburg. Here is some background information on this immenent scholar:     

     “In 1996, a young Pastor named Veron Ashe joined the Federation of St. Thomas Christians. Fr. Ashe came under the jurisdiction of Mar Narsai and soon proved himself to be a proficient scholar of the orthodox tradition. Fr. Ashe established his congregation as St. Mary of Magdala in Fresno, California. He had previously been an overseer of several other churches in the United States and the West Indies. On January 25th, 1997 he was consecrated as a bishop by Mar Narsai with co-consecrator Mar Melchizedek (Greek Orthodox). Fr. Ashe was given the name Mar Enoch, and he immediately began working to strengthen his congregations into the orthodox faith.


Mar Enoch was very zealous to re-appropriate the Syriac tradition. At the pro-cathedral of St. Mary’s, he instituted an English translation of the Holy Qurbana according to the rites and customs of the West Syrian tradition. He was befriended by the late Mar Makarios and Chorepiscopa Fr. K.C. Mathew (Malankara Orthodox Church) both of whom instructed Mar Enoch in the Syriac liturgy and history. His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios, was the Senior Metropolitan of America and Metropolitan of Canada and Europe for the Indian Orthodox Church. Mar Makarios brought Mar Enoch to Kerala, India in 1997 to meet with H.H. Baselios Mar Thoma II, Catholicose for the Malankara Orthodox Church. During this same trip, Mar Enoch traveled to Thozhiyur where he met H.E. Joseph Mar Koorilose of the Malabar Independent Syrian Church.

After returning to the United States, Mar Enoch organized conferences at his pro-cathedral. Among the guest lecturers were Mar Makarios, who instructed the clergy on Oriental Orthodox spirituality. This friendship continued for many years. Mar Enoch named his jurisdiction “The Mar Thoma Orthodox Church.”

In 2003, H.E. Mar Koorilose (Thozhiyur Sabha) was the distinguished guest at St. Mary’s and established an ecumenical center with Mar Enoch. He was attended to by Deacon Avi Penhollow and Dr. Jacob Mar Mathew Olasael. Mar Koorilose traveled to Santa Cruz to meet with the head of the Federation of St. Thomas Christians, Mar Narsai, who was supportive of these new relationships with the Thomasine Churches of India. The American Church continued to govern itself independently, but enjoyed the visits of the foreign hierarchs.

Deacon Avi Penhollow, was ordained a priest in 2004 and served parishes in California and Denver, Colorado. During his time serving at St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral, he traveled to Kerala in the Fall of 2003. There he met with several hierarchs of the Indian Churches including his friend Mar Koorilose of Thozhiyur. Dr. Jacob Mathew Olasael was his host and took Fr. Penhollow to many of the holy sites of the St. Thomas tradition” (Thomas Apostolic 2009).

 Bishop Ashe is your ordinary, down to earth kinda guy. In his own words, at a conference he preached for Jamal H. Bryant on April 4th 2010 at his Holy Week Revial, Questions with No Answers, Bishop Ashe says that, “If you pass by a Ruby Tuesdays and you see a guy at the bar having a glass of wine don’t trip cuz it just might be me”(Ashe 2010).

So what is his story, one might ask? In the past couple of years, Bp Ashe has been successfully battling Megatoxic colon cancer, and many other unfortunate events of which we will not delve into on this blog. He has come out of all of those trials victorious, and now he is back with a vengeance. Bp Ashe has a new faithful staff and is back traveling the circuit.

In the past he has been linked with the Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan, and Bishop Pearson, who are both controversial figures in the Pentecostal world, and he has yet maintained his own level of relevancy and importance by not getting swallowed up in any of their affairs. (For the record, Jesse supports all 3 of those Bishops!).

Growing from Prophet Veron Ashe, as he was known by in the old days, to his connections with Dr. and Prophetess Connie Williams, to being known as “Mar Enoch” and being duly consecrated as such; this man had definitely done it all. He is a new voice in the Neo-Pentecostal world! He blends the traditional Orthodox fathers with modern day hermeneutics and homolletics that’ll make your momma rediscover God all over again. Oh, and did I mention he quotes St. Jerome)?….

What more can you say about the guy? Personally, I think he’s really smart, and if a lot of people really listen to him, and others like him, the “Church” I think he could really add to our conception of Western Spiritual “Churchainity”…(I mean Christianity (:-D).


The American Church of The East (2009). Missions Growth & American Succession. Retrieved from . April 28th 2010 11:17am

Ashe, Verone Bishop. (2010). Questions with No Answers. [Youtube Video]. Retrieved from veron ashe

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70 Responses to ArchBishop Veron Ashe Mystic or Missing in Action?

  1. annonymous says:

    Bishop Ashe is on facebook now. No “Bishop” or “reverend” before his name, just “veron addison ashe”. I don’t know if he was excommunicated or just quit the orthodox faith. I’m glad to hear his health has improved and he is still preaching. He is the best I’ve heard

    • Bishop Ashe is lecturing and traveling the circuit. I believe that once a bishop, always a bishop. The church as an institution cannot place a soul in heaven or hell. Therefore if a man has worked hard to attain a level of education and status then let him have that. It is up to him what he calls himself. I have heard him call himself Bishop, and he rightfully has worked to obtain that. Personally, I believe that Bishop Ashe is tired of doctrine and orthodoxy and rules/regulations. He has relinquished himself from the bonds of “churchianity and religiousity” that almost took his life.

      • TANYA DOVE says:

        I AGREE!!!

      • I just saw Archbishop Veron Ashe on this Sunday and you better believe that man of God is on fire for the Lord! He is moving about doing his Father’s business. We need to stop getting so caught up in the titles and the accolades of men and learn if God called you, he called you. We have a tendency to get caught up in this and that, what happened here and what happened there. My advice to all who are wondering what for and how, just stop, pray and listen. Then extend a helping hand. When the woman was being accused of adultery, Jesus never accused, never assumed, He just kept writing in the dirt. WE came from the dirt and as Archbishop says, I’m still dirty cause He’s still working on me. Hallelujah!

        What I am trying to say is, if you love Veron Ashe and the work the Father is doing and has done through him continue to support Him and pray for Him. Don’t get hung up in all the rest because we all have a story to tell. Have a good day and know that God is able to do anything but fail!

        I want to encourage you to use my motto, Make a difference in out communities by reaching out to feed and clothe the poor and the homeless.

        Blessings, Evangelist Robin L. Harris, MSW

  2. Annonymous says:

    We are pleased to hear this, and yes I gather Bp Ashe has worked hard to acquire his status and has a right to do whatever is right in his eyes, if that means editing his title so be it.

    There is nothing more important than one’s health.

    We continue to believe that his health & strength will come together so he can be the man he has been called to be.

    So much damage done because of Doctrine / Opinion’s and power games.


    • Very True; very true. From a business standpoint, the circuit that he travels and lectures on is very competitive and can be very exhausting. Therefore, the least one can do to keep his/her sanity is to stay true to themselves.

  3. Mauricia Guillen says:

    Bishop Veron Ashe (he kept his title) was sick and that is the reason we didn’t heard from him for about four years. He wasn’t excommunicated or nothing like that, he is just following God’s will, and also going through great trials and tribulations.
    He is the greatest Preacher, Prophet, and Apostol Of this era. He is my pastor by video CD, and I go to hear him preach when ever he can do it. If anyone really wants to bless him, write to him at the address he has on FaceBook, and show him you appreciation by sending him a love offering. Thank you.

    Mauricia Guillen
    God bless

    • I know the story personally; no need to explain. It was unfortunate that Bishop was sick, and an even greater injustice of those that made him sick. I respect Bishop, so I don’t post any details of his life, or anyones for that matter. Anyone that wants to know any details should ask Bishop directly. All that matters is that he’s well, active and fulfilling his purpose and not “selling out”. Truthfully, many of the restrictions that are placed on modern Christians were done so by themselves and those seeking power. I like the Bishop b/c he’s real, (and if I wanted to he’s cool enough to have a glass of wine with at Applebees). Bishop earned the title he carries, and has done promising work for the Mar Thoma tradition, and Archbishop and Patriarch Mar Joseph, “Pappa” is proud of him. He is an academic theologian bar none, and a good guy. On this blog, you’ll see nothing but positive when it comes to him!

      • cort says:

        So glad to hear this news. I just recently started to listen to his powerful sermons. Jesus said “seek me and you shall find me”. I do not or will never join face book, so pass along praise for me my brother. This is truly a man of the Living God. I listen to many preachers in my daily spiritual walk, but gotta tell you he is atop the preaching food chain. Comes from the heart. We can fool a lot of people but we are not fooling God. We need to stop playing church. Jesus said I will come with a sword so be ready. Praise the King of Kings and thank you Veron for adding to my life. Maybe someday we will meet and shake hands. I myself am very active within my church on many levels but am no closer to God than someone who took Jesus as a savior 30 seconds ago. We really have to get over ourselves on so many levels. Mighty Jehovah, who can stand before you? All will bow before the true Living God. Allah,Buddah and the rest included. “The harvest will be plenty but the workers are few” Matt.9;37. Godspeed to you Jesse. Cort at

    • Anonymous says:

      So many stories , one has to keep an eye on the ball . What happened to honest, respectable citizens –

      So many lost their way during the assault.

      Unable to send an offering via mail, have no problem giving a direct offering.

      • Anonymous before you send an offering to anyone on this site Please understand that this site IS NOT offiliated with any of the responders. This is just a friendly site where religion is discussed, and in this instance +Bp Ashe is the topic. I encourage you to do diligent research before sending your money and be sure that it goes to the intended recipient.

        Peace and blessings

    • joseph Tomomewo says:

      Hello Mauricia ,
      I came to know about Bp Ashe properly last year WHEN I WAS SCHEDULED For a divine encounter.
      He was the face and mouth of God for me during that encounter and so since then i have been searching out for him.
      Only to know that he was abit sick.
      But am really grateful to God that he is back from the sickness into active preaching .God bless his soul.
      Please can you help me get all the messages you have on him ,and pls do send me his mail link so i can share my experience with him.his facebook link is down .
      thank you.

    • luis says:

      where do u get cds or dvds from vishop….its been a while since last time i hear about him….any website???

  4. Charlotte says:

    Bishop Ashe is a brilliant preacher- teacher, good news that he is doing well – You mentioned he is back out on the circuit, do you have any idea of where he will be ministering. it has been a long time since I last heard him, would be refreshing to hear him again.

    God bless

    • The best thing to do is to first use the internet to really dig to see if there are any hits of conferences that he may be at. Secondly, I would suggest becoming a facebook friend to him and actually reaching out to his contact information that he has posted. Just a caution, you may not get a response immediately, but don’t let it discourage you. If you like his teaching, you’ll find right when you need to hear him….Take care

      • Anonymous says:

        Excuse me, Dig to see if their are any hits of conferences that he may be attending -Everyday we hear of someone falling from grace. Never discouraged always encouraged.

      • Just in a quick reply to anonymous…..I want to be clear; +Bp Ashe did not “fall from grace”, I’m not sure if I understand your post completely, but just for subscribers here and others that may read I want to be clear that +Bp Ashe took a sabbatical. As in the business world, he went on vacation so to speak to regroup, rebrand himself and his vocation, and to heal (in every aspect of the word). There was no “fall” for +Bp Ashe, and I am very careful with that word b/c of all of the “Othering” and the Religious Racism connected with it…..

  5. Chris says:

    Bishop Ash just preached a whole weekend at my church which ended yesterday. All I can say is it was refreshing to see him a changed man of God! His anointing has reached a new height because of who he is now. I remember hearing him about 10 years ago, and All the grandness, extras etc. Has gone away and the validity of his message is so crystal clear and not packaged behind all the “Churchy” stuff. I am not saying it in a bad way, it was so humbling to see how he has allowed God to mature him as an apostle

    • Time heals all my friend, and there is no better school master. Again, as I stated in the featured article, this blog is a friend to +Bp Ashe, and he really is a great lecturer, and will be around for a very long time. People forget about the Emersons and Neville Goddards that traveled the lecture circuit in the Golden days; +Bp Ashe may have a base, but traveling the circuit can be just as great, especially after enduring all of the negatives that can be associated w/ localizing w/ a specific group of people…..if you have any info about the conference, please feel free to post it here and I will endorse it and send all of the readers to your church’s site to order the dvd’s.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank God that some of us attended the a fruitful school and left the wilderness after a short stay it was important
        to learn.

      • @Mr. Anonymous- Just to moderate the conversations here, if by fruitful school vs. wilderness, you are referring to the place of individual spiritual encounter vs. a “borrowed” concept passed down by a minister, then yes it is good that we all attended the fruitful school. As the Bible teaches, all of the great “Masters” had individual experiences, which led them; we should all seek out those encounters more so than borrow the “tale” of them from other persons…….

    • Anonymous says:

      Theresa says:
      September 22, 2010 at 4:39 PM
      Bishop preached at your church over the weekend, where can we get a copy of the cd, you forgot to mention the name of the church.


      • Mr Anonymous says:

        Oh the great tale, the bible teaches us many things, many folk read it but never quite understood its content.

        The borrowed concept that turned on its head with many un-invited desperados.

        What “masters” te masters’ of this and masters’ of that –

        Thank God for people like Allan Pinkerton and Randall Fuller.

        As for

      • @ Mr. Anonymous, thank you for your reply. I’m not sure what was the conclusion of your comment, and it is a bit vague as a whole, but for the other subscribers to the blogspace here, I must say that there are various opinions of the numerous religious texts that are out there, particularly those of the “Abrahamic” traditions. However, it’s very presumptuous to suggest that one person’s opinion is more correct than anothers. All “divinely” inspired script had to be channeled through human consciousness, and in order to be effective, it still has to;

    • La Rue Savoy says:

      Would like to know if you church video taped his sermons and does the church have a website?

      God Bless

    • joseph Tomomewo says:

      hello Chris,
      Blessing and peace to you.
      i nee any of his messages pls help me.
      Even if if it is a minutes pls do share with me.

  6. Theresa says:

    Bishop preached at your church over the weekend, where can we get a copy of the cd, you forgot to mention the name of the church.

  7. riva says:

    so, is the bishop pastoring a church now? i saw him on youtube and i kinda liked what i heard then i hear all these other people inferring something bad happened to him. i read where he had cancer but then i see the word assult? is someone after the man and whats the big secret about trying to find him?

    • Unfortunately (but fortunately for him :-)…) Bp Ashe is not pastoring at the moment, but is an itenerant speaker. The Bp did suffer a bout of illness in his body, for privacy protection, I will not disclose that information on this website, but he did recovering and is doing well the last time I was informed. No assault information for the Bp, as well. And for the record, it seems that people are after him to book him to speak…he tends to pop up all over the country. For more recent lectures you may want to contact Dr. Jamal Bryant’s ministry, in Baltimore MD. He was there during the month of April.
      Peace and Blessings.

  8. Jeanette Perez says:

    Our church was blessed to have Bishop Ashe visit with us for Thanksgiving eve services and twice on Sunday. I had never heard of him prior to this past week. I believe…It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, what matters is what have you do with what you’ve learned?
    He is an amazing speaker, his knowledge; wit, personality and deliverance of his messages will capture your full attention. I look forward to his next visit.

  9. Pastor C. Sterling Davis, II says:

    To all,

    I am the Episcopal Assistant to Bishop Ashe and long time friend. Thank you Jesse for all of your kind words and sentiments in regards to Bishop. I will relay this blog to him personally today when I speak with him.

    We are in the process of gathering cd’s/dvd’s and also constructing his website. For the moment, if people want to book him the can email me at

    Again, thank you for all that you have done.

    • Greetins Pastor Davis, I have heard great things about you as well. I appreciate your dear comments. My virtual home is your home, and the you all are free to advertise here and post if you’d like. As you can see, this is a blog w/ no commercial advertisements so I don’t receive anything from exchanging ideas and information.

      As it says in script, be careful how you entertain strangers as they may be angels unaware…….Send Bishop warm greetings from one of his guarding angels.

      pax profundis (peace profound)

      By the way, as soon as you all have your site established, please feel free to post to this blog so that they will be directed to your contact info; after all, this site has become very popular, (even reached #1 on google search), so if you put in ArchBishop Ashe’s name, this site comes up….(not bad for a grad student from Atlanta, hunh?)…

      Jesse Herriott

  10. george says:

    I m sorry, i m just learning English as well, as soon as you all have your site established, please give a russian page on your site!

    George, Saint-Petersburg

  11. Experience says:

    In response to your mail I send greetings to the Bishop and can but only agree that

    God made him an amazing speaker, provided him with knowledge; he has a witty, personality and delivers God’s message.

  12. T says:

    Whatever next………….

  13. sheryl says:

    Very little about bishp ashe, except out preaching any idea on where,, can u shed some light – so manmy hints no facts – settings up of false sites – let’s hope they stop or can they handle the sting.

  14. Michelle says:

    Hi everyone,

    About two years ago, I had the idea to post Bishop Ashe messages on You Tube for all to enjoy. During that time I collected close to 60 messages (CDs and DVDs) preached by Bishop Ashe’s messages (old and new). I am no longer collecting and or posting on You Tube but I have created a website where people can come and learn of the various churches where Bishop Ashe has preached so that they can make the purchases. The website is I have also been able to locate a few private collectors who are willing to share their library in the event you are not able to make contact with the churches to make your purchase. We expressly desire that you first make every attempt to reach out to the various church as they should be the primary distributor of their product (in my opinion). However, if you are not able to reach the church, we will share with you a combined inventory list of our products which is available for purchase.

    I hope this helps. As you will see on the website, we are not affiliated with Bishop Ashe in anyway. We don’t know him, his whereabouts or anything about him. We are simply vessels with the express desire to feed the people.


  15. Jolen says:

    How can I get material for Bishop Ashe & where is he currently ministering?

  16. Minister Elect Celest says:

    On Facebook Arch Bishop Veron Ashe has another website called There’s Got To Be More. It shows that he will speak in TX in April 2011. Also, it provides a way for ppl to order his cds/dvds and request him

    • AwareNow says:

      I remember that message he preached. It was amazing – it was like there was a transformation from the man with whom we fellowshipped with over a meal to the man he became when he stepped into the pulpit.

      Those words There’s Got to be More – would be like a deluge pouring out from his very being. Amazing.

  17. Arch Bishop Mar Enoch, Great man, Good friend of me and the Thozhur Orthodox Syrian Church. I wish him all the best. Bishop Avi Mar Penhallow is also a good friend of Mar Enoch. He is at present in Colarado, Denver. With Love and Prayers. Dr. Mathew Olasael

  18. Patricia Easter says:

    Praise God…..That is Good news. I am so glad to know that Bishop Ashe is doing great for he is a Man of God and I don’t want to know or hear anything negative about Him. We are a Body of Christ and we are to build up, not tear down. We as so called saints know how to do “Destruction Work”, but we don’t know how or refuse to do “Construction Work”…I love Bishop Ashe and He is my brother in the Lord, and my husband and I have his back, and we are praying for him and supporting his ministry. Time is too short to be trying to find something negative about any of our church family. Let’s begin to pray for one another and hold each other up in prayer, because life is too short to be doing anything out of the will of the Lord. Final Answer….Minister Wayne and Patricia Easter…We love you Bishop and thank you very much Jesseherriott for all that you do and we love you. Let the Church say……Amen!

  19. ray mctell says:

    any reason why he disappeared as my facebook friend?

  20. Cardinal-Bishop C-Timothy R. Hatcher says:

    Blessings to you “brother scholastic” Jesse Herriot:

    I had the Glorious pleasure to have met and (out of Honor to his Office) kissed the ring of His Grace +Bishop Veron A. Ashe. I was a starry eyed young Elder and Evangelist upstart in Ministry in the year(s) 1996-97. He was a guest speaker/teacher at a NYC comference & company of prophet’s that I was connected to at that time. The Metropolitan that hosted him, (the one who mentored & “Fathered” me in the Prophetic company/order), held that year a dinner at his Episcopal mansion where I got to dine and fellowship, up close, with His Grace Veron Ashe. The dinner and fellowship, was a added bonus for being a member of that particular prophetic order. Sort of an Intimate bonding type thing as we all “broke bread.” I relate this story only because of a profound “happening” that I had in encountering the Bishop. All I can say is that sitting across the Table at the Episcopal residence from him, I remember being almost mesmerized by the piercing-mystical gaze of this man of God as we locked eyes. Anyone who has ever met this man, can possibly attest to and/or confirm the “enchanting” quality of this man’s countenance. In short, I was PROFOUNDLY impacted by that meeting and will NEVER forget it. I always wondered if he possibly had something to say to the young zealous upstart that I was then. One day I hope to find out by asking him personally what the Intensity of his gaze was all about.

    As for you ‘brother scholar’ Jesse, you are a providing a very integral sevice to the “Body of Christ.” Your blog has been a Blessing to me and I’m certain (by reading the posted comments), countless others who have been just as profoundly effected by this phenomenal man of God, +Bishop Veron A. Ashe. Also, I add my prayer energy to your noble quest to obtain the highest post graduate degree in your field. Although this may qualify to some as “prophecy,” I only intend to exhort you (lovingly) by the Spirit of Christ by saying this: “I see The Most High God moving you into key alliances with influential prelates and primates for the elevation and transformation of what will become known as the ‘New Day church of the 21st century.’ Your credentials and affiliations are yet being nurtured and developed, in this season, for you to strategically make your profound contribution. The Spirit of Truth would even further state that you have been chosen because of your ‘Proficiency’ your ‘scholastic aptitude’ but primarily for your heart & ‘character’ in the things of God.” Said in your vernacular Jesse: Because of your love for “ALL THINGS RELIGIOUS.”

    May The Heavenly Father Our Creater, The Great I AM, Bless you through the impartation of greater wisdom & understanding of your personal divine sonship; exemplified through Jesus the Christ. AMEN.

    In Christ Consciousness, I AM +Cardinal-Bishop C-T.R. Hatcher, M.Msc., I AM Temple Inc.

  21. Aware says:

    It was really great to read through this blog. Veron Ashe has been on my prayer list for many many years. In fact I pre-date all of you :). In fact, those who are in immediate contact with him – just ask him about OPT and the baby that puked on the Prophet.

    The word teaches that “greater works shall we do.” “whatsoever we bind on earth is bound in heaven”. Our words have power, “death and life are in the power of the tongue”. We as believers are our greatest enemy – we kill each other – because we CAN NOT control such a little member – that tongue. Let’s use our creative ability as given through the ministry of the Holy Spirit and speak when the Spirit speaks and otherwise JUST SHUT UP!!!!

    Bless this man of God, pray for him AND THAT IS ENOUGH.

    Even King David said who am I to touch the Lords Anointed.

  22. AwareNow says:

    I got one on all of you. 🙂 We met Bro. Ashe back in say ’90 or ’91. If you know Bro. Ashe closely ask him about the family who gave him the pen and the baby that threw up on the Prophet (from OPT).

    I have not spoken to this man or hung out with him, or transported him around, or shared meals with him in years. And guess what I do not need to see him another day or better yet – EVEN KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN HIS LIFE. Our Father knows – and that’s all that matters. I am not his savior nor his healer – I DO NOT NEED TO KNOW THE DETAILS. So harrah to you Harriott.

    I agree with some many comments – as believers – let’s do the word – and stop talking. That doggone tongue – its our most deadliest enemy – self-inflected wounds. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Let’s speak about Bro. Ashe or anyone as we would want someone to talk and pray about our mess. Again, the word says we must not speak vile of those in authority.

    We wonder why the body lacks the demonstration of the power – we are not living the word. We are living each man as they see what is right in their own eyes.

    Let’s just SHUT UP and speak when the spirit says speak, whatsoever is lovely, whatsover is of good report, sing songs and hymns. But just stop the talking.

  23. Expensive says:

    Speaking at the first graduation ceremony of Action Chapel International Bible College in Kumasi over the weekend, Archbishop Duncan Williams said he was so expensive that the perfume he used could not be found on the shelf of any shop in the country.

    The man of God, who calls himself ‘Big Papa’, noted that even the rich people in his church could not put on the kind of attire he wore because they could not afford to buy them.

    In view of this, the Archbishop, who hit media headlines sometime ago with the divorce of his long time wife, said because of his expensive lifestyle, he refused to be intimidated by rich people in his church.

    “No matter how rich you are in my church, I will not allow you to intimidate me with your wealth because you cannot even buy the perfume I use not to talk of the attire I wear,” he told the congregation at the church located at Abrepo.

    He stated that God had blessed him to the extent that his children were schooling in one of the best institutions in America, attended by the children of both government officials and the well-to-do in that country.

    The man of God, who claimed to have international connections that extended to the White House, noted that it was not out of place for men of God to be rich and also enjoy the very best of life.

    This, according to him, was because God, the creator of heavens and mankind, was expensive, hence the kingdom of God and the streets of heaven are made with pure gold.

    Archbishop Williams therefore admonished Christians to work above themselves in all fields to enable them to live expensive lifestyles to the glory of the almighty God.

    “As a Christian, you should wear the best of clothing, drive in expensive cars, and live in comfortable houses so that the glory of God could be seen in your life because the God you worship is very expensive,” he intimated.

    The renowned man of God indicated that he neither wished to become president of the country nor a top politician because of the insults that accompanied such positions.

    He said he preferred to remain a pastor where he was held in high esteem by the public than being a president or a top politician where any member of the public could insult him because of his position.

    Archbishop Williams categorically pointed out that none of the people he had trained to become pastors could rub shoulders with him for the reason that he did not impart all of his knowledge on them.

    He emphasized that he was not foolish to give all that he had as a celebrated man of God to the people he trained, because he knew for a fact that when he did that the people could one day rub shoulders with him.

    “Nobody I have trained as a pastor can stand up and challenge me because I do not give all the keys I have to them during their period of training,” the Archbishop stated emphatically.

    He chastised the congregation for not bringing the church auditorium to the standard befitting the status of the church, threatening to send money from Accra to refurbish the whole place.

    “Let me tell you that the walls of the church, the floor and the pulpit area need massive deliverance in the form of serious renovation and if you fail to do it, I will send money from Accra to come and do it,” the Archbishop emphasized.

    He indicated that he had refused to send money from Accra to give the church auditorium a massive facelift because he did not want to take away the blessing of the congregation.

    “Let me tell you that if you do not do this thing immediately, I will send money from Accra, to come and do this thing and will take your blessing to Accra,” Archbishop Williams said.

  24. James Romero says:

    Dear Friends –

    I am a past friend of Bishop’s and used to try to play for him as a young organist in 1988. He was here for a time in Oakland, Ca. L wasn’t very good but he had great patience with me lol!! I have not heard from him. Is he ok? and is he taking on any speaking engagements?

    thank you!

  25. Warren says:

    My wife and I were introduced to Veron through Carlton Pearson’s ministry while I was attending ministry school at Carlton’s facilities in Tulsa. I am elated that he is apparently well and actually more powerful than before. I totally agree with what the Bishop says about how his illness has dramatically effected his life and what he’s professing now. It is wonderful to serve a God that already knows what He has planned and to discover, after many ups and downs, that we will be part of His plan. Veron said, (paraphrased) in one of his You-tube spots, that the time will come when people won’t be getting the real meat of the word from the large flourishing ministries or any apparently loud voices among the people, but true ministry will be coming from the most unsuspecting folk, small groups, intimate settings and the like.

    When I heard this my heart leaped and I got excited because I believe what he said is coming to pass. I know that my leaning is toward humbling myself, becoming a servant, growing where I’m planted, and being confident that God has given me everything I need to minister to whatever situation He puts in front of me. In light of what appears to be gloom and doom, for the world as we know it, this gives me great hope that God can still use me yet.

    I greatly appreciate your blog and will continue checking for further information. I’ve been blessed and enlightened by what you’ve posted.

    Thank you!

    Warren Mercer

  26. Archbishop Veron Ash is my Mentor and he is a unique blessing to the Body of Christ. Many preachers need to imitate him and his way of life. He is the Paul of our Time. Lets be llifting him up in prayer.

  27. Mercy says:

    Greetings Warren

    I have not heard about Bp Carlton Pearson for some time, there was some talk in the past however, I have not had the opportunity to do any follow up’s lately in relations to CP.
    Bp Veron Ashe, how is he, seems to be a little quite, God is obviously directing his path.

    There are times when we need to recognise when we need to come face to face and communicate to the Church about what the Lord is saying – God prepared the paths were to follow.

    What am I hearing during this hour?

    • Warren says:

      I assume I am replying to Jesse. If not I will reply to whomever sent me the inquiry about Bishop Ashe. All I know about the Bishop is what I’ve read on your sight, and from what I recall either hearing or reading is that he is having some sort of relapse of his physical condition. I hope and stand in prayer for him as often as I think of him.

      Regarding Bishop Pearson, the last time my wife and I saw him was shortly before he left his last location in downtown Tulsa to go somewhere out of state. This was several years ago. My wife and I have always and still do love him. In the past our impression of Carlton has been that he was always on the cutting edge of ministry and was in tune with God. In spite of what people think about him now I would never be in cahoots with anyone judging a man of Carlton’s spiritual stature. I have read his book explaining his belief. My wife and I have attended several of the seminars he sponsored at his old church where I attended school. We couldn’t hear anything that denied any of the normal Christian tenets. We have never felt that he was anything but “out there”.

      I got to speak privately with Carlton, prior to the loss of his church in Tulsa. While he was in the discovery process about what he believed, he had discussed his new beliefs with several prominent mega-preachers and few disagreed with his new discoveries and he surmised that most of them would possibly preach the same message but that they had too much to lose if they did. Well, we all know what brother Carlton sacrificed. I can not condemn the man. We still maintain our respect for him. I certainly will not judge him, however at this time he has disappeared from my view.

      What we don’t agree with today may be something we adopt and realize the truth of tomorrow.

  28. Mercy says:

    The OT teaches us how sin was birthed, it tells us about the Major and the Minor Prophets, it also shows us how disputes started and so forth, It also gives us a book called Proverbs this is to assist us to deal with issues more appropriately.

    The NT tells us about Jesus, Jesus who came to restore peace in the world and to pay the price for our sinful nature.

    So if God has provided us with his word and additional tools to work with -We can work out our own salvation.

    It is important for us to remember his/ God’s Agape – Balance is required for us to enter into the Kingdom and access the things of God –

    Stability is the key, One cannot be aligned if they are too far right or too far left.

    When God created us he gave us the correct tools to use to carryout HIS work.

    God bless

  29. balance the truth says:

    Jesse you state in Oct. 2010 that Veron did not have any kind of fall from grace..but God will not allow Himself to be mocked. Is the arrest of Veron, a public record in Miami Beach, Fl, October 12, 2004, for cocaine possession not a fall from grace? You must speak the whole truth, not just the pretty parts. Denial is a perversion of truth. This does not take away from his talents and gifts of being a lover of studying and a charismatic speaker, but balance of the facts is where true transparency lives.

    • Thanks for your comments balance of truth. I’m not aware of the details of your named event. This original intent of the blog was to do research on someone that I regarded as a scholar-practitioner, and it has taken on a life of its own. My hope is that those that find this blog are able to see it for its original intention, and not make it a home of gossip, fighting, and arguing about religion. This space is open to all, whether you like the teachings of Veron Ashe or not. However, as Admin, I do not welcome the airing of someone’s personal business on this site. There are other gossip forums for that. Light & Love ~ADMIN.

    • Michelle says:

      Agreed…balance is key. Seemingly when there is no balance we border idol worship. I appreciate the message that God speaks through Bishop Ashe as I have quite a few of his teachings; have followed his ministry off and on for over 16 years. And one of the topics he brings up in one of his messages is the Sin of Omission. The sin of omission can have the same damaging effects of the sin of commission. Because pertinent details are omitted, people often times make ‘unbalanced’ judgments and decisions. In other words, they make decisions based on emotion and or ego rather than sound judgment based on the facts that have been presented.
      Be it dirty laundry or not, we have been made aware of the issues that Bishop Ashe has endured. He speaks candidly of the young lady who embezzled a large sum of money from him as well as his health woes among other things. Some have felt sorrow an hurt as these truths were shared. However, if in fact the 2004 arrest is true, it too should be addressed. It doesn’t make him less of a man of God. It simply makes him a man who is flawed – like the rest of us.
      With this, I say thank you to Balance the Truth for sharing that information as in my 16 years of knowing of him, I did not no this. I’ve heard rumors of certain activities in which I will not share here but nothing was validated nor did I seek validation. Do I feel any different about Bishop Ashe learning this information? No. Regardless of his ‘humanness’ i still find him to be an incredible vessel that God uses. And I am grateful for his teachings.

      • Thank you for your comments Michelle: I do since they come from a sincere place; as well as those from most of the other commenters on this blog. However, for all readers of this blog, please refrain from soliciting personal information regarding all individuals named and not named. For personal information, please message each other privately. By releasing personal information, it reduces what was intentionally a portal of inspiration and hope to a gossip blog. Thank you all…~ ADMIN.

      • Michelle says:

        Can I deduce that the second part of the aforementioned comment was a GENERAL comment as I have not solicited any information. In the few posts that actually made it onto the forum, I have tried to provide beneficial information to those who were looking for Bishop Ashe messages since to my knowledge there is still no website. I have never made a disparaging remarks, comments or insinuations against him.

  30. Smile says:

    What is this all about, God, Jesus Christ our Lord & Saviour not religious spirits etc etc

  31. ADMIN: Hello Michelle, the comment was a general comment to all readers on this blog, and future readers. Thank you for your comments….the responses from admin are general and are never directed towards any individual. We are grateful for your follow ups, comments, and readership. A special thanks to all other commenters on this blogsite….Please feel free to post comments and discussion posts on what you think could make your experience of the information here better. ~ADMIN



  34. Bp. W. Thomas says:

    Is there any real contact information for AB Ashe? I have not spoken to him in many years and for some reason the Lord put it on my spirit to locate AB Ashe. Any old emails and or contact information no longer exists. If someone has any updated contact information please forward to me ASAP. Thank you.

    Bishop W. Thomas

  35. Praise says:

    Praise God !!!

  36. Michelle says:

    Walk It Out – The Sermon preached by Archbishop Veron Ashe will be available in book form on or before November 1, 2012. This is a message that Bishop Ashe preached in 2008 which I have transcribed and converted into book format. To be clear, Bishop Ashe did not write this book and is not affiliated with it in anyway. For more information, feel free to contact me at

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